Associate Pastor Steve Cervino

Pastor Steve Cervino

I grew up in Bellflower California and as a youth, I attended a Catholic grade school until the 6th grade. Then in 1976, our family packed up and moved to Norco. That’s when it all started to go wrong for me. I was now introduced into the public school system; things were definitely going to be different. Before I knew it I was hanging out with the wrong crowed. By the time I hit High School I was into a lot of bad things, including drugs and alcohol. I did manage to graduate from High School. That must have been the Lord behind the scenes. I got married at the age of 22 and fortunately was able to get my act together. Everything was ok for a while, although I was still living for the world and without a relationship with my Lord and Savior. Then I fell back deep into drugs and alcohol and everything turned upside down again, but this time it was even worse. I lost my family, my business and most of everything I owned. Finally I reached the bottom of the barrel and cried out to God to help me with this addiction.

My wife and I started attending church at Calvary Chapel Rancho Cucamonga. After hearing the word of God, the Lord began to change my heart. Unfortunately, I still was struggling with my addictions.

We decided to move to Adelanto, to get away from all the bad influences and started attending Calvary Chapel Adelanto where I met Pastor Rick. While listening to Ricks teachings, I totally connected. The word of God really began to make sense. Finally, the moment of decision, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and my addiction, was taken away.

We continued to go to church regularly, and one day the call for teachers in the Children’s Ministry went out. So, I volunteered and started serving; teaching in the 3-4th grade. As God began to open new doors in my life I was given the opportunity to take a position as Overseer of the Children’s Ministry. Several years later, I was asked by Pastor Rick to come on staff at CCA, humbled, I accepted the position and have been serving here ever since. The Lord is doing some amazing things here at Calvary Chapel Adelanto and I’m excited to be part of it!