Senior Pastor Ralph Rodriguez

Pastor Ralph Rodriguez

I was born in Mexico City and was raised in South Central Los Angeles. At the very young age of 10 I was attracted to the gangs and street life, and started gang banging. After a while, I found that gangs were just a waste of time, so I started running by myself. The street life and gangster rap destroyed and consumed my heart and gave me the mentality of not caring or loving anything or anyone including myself. I also didn’t care for human life and was in and out of jail all throughout my young life.

It was just a matter of time before everything came back to haunt me, because as I got older I became an alcoholic and a drug addict. It wasn't until the day that the LORD came calling and got a hold of my life and changed my heart that I gave all of that up. He gave me a love for his people and while the road has not been perfect, I've never looked back. I am not worthy of his calling in my life but by his grace I keep pushing.

God bless you all.