Assistant Pastor Mike Gist

Pastor Mike Gist

I was born an orphan in Tokyo, Japan. My adoptive parents adopted me when I was four years old. We came back to the United States when I was five and about a year later, my mother filed for divorce from my father. My mother and I moved to Southern California where my mom had relatives. I had attended Catholic church during the short time my parents were married and I remember praying every night that my parents would get back together. I did that for the next couple of years as my mom and I moved around during my early childhood. I remember believing in God then because he had sent me a mother and father that wanted me.

As soon as I turned eighteen I moved out. I remember being in a real dark place during those years. Out on my own and experimenting with the prevalent drug culture. In the midst of that time I remember this guy coming up to me one day at the beach saying “Jesus loves you!” and he handed me a chick track “This Was Your Life”. The one that talked about a guy thinking he lived a good life compared to most but was told that he needed to decide to accept Jesus before he died or he would go to hell and not have a second chance. I dismissed it and kept living my life. But I never really forgot the message.

I basically lived the life of a loner, until I met my wife Nadine. We ended up moving in together, and got married a few years later. After being married for a year, we had our first daughter and five years after that, our second daughter was born. Any thought of God hadn’t crossed my mind in years until one day our next door neighbor invited my wife to church.

My visit to church had really intrigued me. The pastor made perfect sense and he read directly out of the bible as if it were a textbook and he was educating us. I was being educated about God! And he conveyed the exact message I had pondered all those years from the chick tract. Jesus was God’s son. He came to earth as a man. He died on the cross for our sins, not his because he was sinless.

A few weeks later my wife and I both became saved. I began to learn so much as I read the pages of the bible and began to really know and experience the love a real father had for his son. Better than an earthly father because our heavenly father is perfect! “When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me.” - Psalm 27:10 (NKJV). I began serving God in the usher ministry in our church until 2003 when Pastor Rick felt called to start a new church called Calvary Chapel Adelanto. I came over with my family to support his new ministry and have been serving alongside of him ever since.