Assistant Pastor Larry Wirtz

Pastor Larry Wirtz

I was born in Los Angles, California and grew up in Covina, a small town just east of L.A. I was raised up in Catholicism, which always left me wondering what was written in the bible. We had a big red bible in our living room, but it was for looking at and not for reading.

One day we got this series of books called The Bible Stories and my Dad began to read them to me and my sisters. They really made Gods Word interesting. The Word came to life in a real way for me.

Fast forward to my teen years, I began to seek the world more than the things of God. Needless to say, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, and sin dominated my life. It all culminated one-night September 17, 1986 after a long hard run, I cried out to the Lord, I confessed to Him that I could no longer do life on my own. I had finally surrendered. I would later learn that surrender means to join the winning side.